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Irene Pruitt

Irene Pruitt

Columbia, SC


Irene Paz Pruitt

Irene Pruitt grew up in Northern Virginia, the older daughter of parents who recently emigrated from Poland. Art, in the form of painting, sculpture and music, was highly valued in her family. Her maternal grandmother and aunt were both artists, and the house was always decorated with their paintings. Her father had studied Art History in Poland, and facilitated her interest in fine art through frequent trips to Washington museums. After graduating from Georgetown University, Irene began to paint in her free time, and briefly studied at the Art League School in Alexandria, VA. She loves to spend time in nature, where she finds her inspiration to paint through observation of clouds, shadows, and light effects. Currently, she and her husband, Robbie, live in Reston, Virginia, where she works as a Mental Health Therapist. She continues to enjoy spending time in the outdoors and painting.



Storms at Sea by Irene Pruitt


Beaver Falls by Irene Pruitt


October Mountains by Irene Pruitt


Autumn Tree by Irene Pruitt


Tree and Mountain View by Irene Pruitt


Lemon Sunset by Irene Pruitt


Trail Winding by Irene Pruitt


Wind on the Ocean by Irene Pruitt


Meadow View by Irene Pruitt


Rooted by Irene Pruitt


Mountain Stream by Irene Pruitt


Sunrise by Irene Pruitt


Field and Farm by Irene Pruitt


Bridge Over by Irene Pruitt


Lighthouse by Irene Pruitt


Sky Gray by Irene Pruitt


The Sods by Irene Pruitt